Ninja Whisky

A Fine Blend of Matured Malts and Premium Grain Spirits. The Deluxe Whisky blend is a combination of select quality neutral grain spirit (ENA) with rarest of the matured Indian Malt spirits aged in Oakwood casks. The blend is balanced by premium natural flavours which enhance the Peaty, and malted character of the blend, besides making the palate smooth, sensory mellow and pleasant bouquet.

This whisky is symbolized by the Ninja’s weapon
“Katana” - The ninja sword was made of high-carbon steel, and took months to have made. They were hand made specially for each Ninja, taking great care to make a very high quality sword…somewhat similar to a product like whisky which is handcrafted and requires an equal amount of care to bring out the best. The result : A whisky that is smooth yet as effective as the blade of the finest of the Katana.