100 Proof 

A Tequila for connoisseurs. This is a rare and exclusive spirit, its intricate process involves a 6-month resting period as well as other secret techniques known only to Tequila REVOLUCION, 100Proof is our tribute to the Agave plant. Undiluted after distillation and carefully crafted to exceed the expectations of the most demanding Tequila experts, this spirit expresses in a very authentic and delicate way the most desirable characteristics of the Agave plant. Extraordinary balance that brings a surprising experience in the mouth. Ideal as a pousse cafe, or as the main ingredient in martini cocktails, for the bold, elegant version of the traditional martini.


An anejo that shows off its complexities with pride, the Agave notes are masterfully complemented with aromas obtained from its 18-month ageing process in white oak barrels. caramel, butterscotch, honey, tobacco and even leather. No predominance of any note, this is a very rich and complex Tequila with a smooth and luscious finish. Tequila REVOLUCION Anejo mixes great and also can be consumed on the rocks, but it is best enjoyed in a snifter with a good friend.



Internationally known as the smoothest Tequila, REVOLUCION Silver highlights the purest flavors of Blue Agave distillation. The aroma is full of delicate floral tones with sweet citrus and a hint of caramel. Prior to its bottling, the spirit rests for up to 3 months in special containers to ensure a perfect blend. Crisp Tequila, ideal for sipping alone or mixed in a variety of Tequila cocktails.

2009 Gold Medal Sip Award, 2009 Gold Medal San Francisco Wine and Spirits World Champion

Extra Anejo

The jewel of Tequila REVOLUCION, our Extra Anejo was previously reserved for the private consumption of our Tequila Master and the owners of the brand. Aged for almost 4 years in French oak barrels that have been used exclusively to age Tequila for at least 10 years; it brings a very luxurious experience in the mouth, showing intricate aromas of dried herbs, coffee, caramel, and a hint of citrus. The velvety palate wavers between dark chocolate caramel, and woody, peppery notes. Strong personality and a long finish, this Tequila will leave you longing for just one more sip.



Not an overly "oaky" reposado with a superb silky finish, The clean, floral aromas from the Agave are still present, but make way for hints of dried herbs, vanilla, almond, oak, honey, sweet melon and a touch of butterscotch taken from the 10-month aging process in white oak barrels, which is a considerably longer than the legal minimum of two months. Ideal to be consumed in any way you please: neat, chilled or mixed.

1998 Gold Medal Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 1998 Gold Medal Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Exhibition, 2007 Gold Medal Vinus, Argentina